The ideal project does not exist, each time there is the opportunity to realize an approximation.

- Paulo Mendes Da Rocha

Summer 2019
Brain Interfacing Robotic Arm
3-legged Jumping Robot
Advanced Robotics Challenge
Fastest Line Follower


With the constant need to push technologies to a new level, AUV- IITK aims to venture along the path to bring in innovative solutions and ideas in marine robotics by designing its own autonomous systems to perform tasks underwater, and inculcate interest in underwater robotics through participation in competitions.

Over the past years, the team has witnessed a close collaboration between students from various departments coming and sharing ideas; creating a small yet strong network of people who are eagerly looking for a low- cost solution to large- scale problems. With its numbers only increasing every year, there are currently eighteen people, in total, who are looking over the mechanical, electrical and programming aspects of the project.

The official website of Team AUV-IITK:

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The Humanoid-Robot project or HURO as we call it, is an effort by the students of IITK to enter into and make a contribution to the world of autonomous robotics. The team aims to make a humanoid robot capable of performing various pre-determined athletic tasks as required by the FIRA-HURO cup.

We have our Machine-Learning sub team working to provide tons of autonomous features to our robot and our Voice-Localization sub team working on a module which we plan to incorporate into our robot down the lane. We also have our Simulation team for making sure the algorithms run well and as expected, before actually running them on the main robot, also designing efficient algorithms for stable walking and control for our robotic system and our Battery-Management-System (BMS) team to optimize utilization of resources. We also use ROS (Robot OS) one of the best framework for writing robot software.

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