A different take on Robotics

Robotics always brings our attention to programming and electronics.However, equally important is the mechanical aspects of the robot, which is the first step towards good and effective robotics.In the following article, I would like to support my statement by sharing one of my memories.The best experience I have had till date is my involvement in Robocon in my first year at IIT Kanpur.I consider myself honoured and very lucky to be part of this great team and the great things we achieved together.

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Robotics Club Why it exists?

The whitewashed room in Hall of Residence- II, equipped with big machines and conference tables, was designed a long time ago to cater to the needs of tinkering minds in the Institute. A lot of efforts by the students and alumni have gone into ensuring that this room, which belongs to the Robotics Club, would be a place where people would come together to explore new projects and test their ideas. Such is the motto of the Science and Technology Council as well, of which the club has been a part of its existence.

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Scoring a job through Robotics Internship

When you plan it right!

This blog post is about my experience while developing a C++ library for motion planning during my third year “internship”. This is about how after failing to secure an internship for summers, I try to rescue my self-confidence by taking up an ambitious summer project. Going in a direction orthogonal to what was planned and finally making something I am proud of. This is both, my experiences and a very short introduction to the library I developed.

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